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State Approved Final Expense

We do the due digence to ensure you are working with only the top rated and state approved life insurance companies.


Why State Approved Final Expense?

S.A.F.E takes the time it needs to build a policy that best suits our clients. You will work one on one with a Final Expense Expert. Our experienced agents can guide you through what is the best option to fit your needs and keep it within your budget. We partner with the top insurance companies to make sure you are working with the perfect company for you. Get started by starting your quote today!


In partnership with

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Wally H

“Extremely quick to get quotes. I did it on my own and was able to get set up with term life insurance that i needed for a loan in 15 minutes"

Connor P

"I chose to work with an expert and it made everything pretty easy. I’ve been meaning to purchase life insurance for a couple years and finally did it."

Jordan K

“I worked with Michael and he was able to get me set up for a whole life policy. He has a bunch of different companies he is able to quote which is nice”

Mary H

“Purchasing life insurance has always made me a little nervous. I had no idea that I could have living benefits and take loans out from my life insurance policy”
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